If it is Too Good to Be True, then…

This perverted fantasy inspired by  a nevertrumper 4chan, regurgitated by Buzzfeed and given legs by the pinacle of fake news-CNN,  is a perfect example of how far the globalists will go to derail the best thing that ever happened to America, DJT’s election.  I am here right now telling you, the publication and media programing devoted to this wild whopper,  is the best thing to have ever happened.  Why?

The intelligence community will always be circumspect now.  They cried wolf and have been politicized far too long.  Their globalist/corporate masters, otherwise known as the Deep State, have run out the rope just a little too far and now that they have hung themselves there is no going back until a complete enema is performed flushing out the frauds in the DIA, NSA, FBI, CIA, NIA and the other redundant alphabetic departments.

The American people who have  historically been led like sheep to the slaughter might not realize the level to which McCain, Graham, Clinton, CNN and the CIA have fallen, but they know a below the belt hit when they see one.

Trump, Bannon, Priebus, Sessions and the Generals on his Cabinet know what this is about and now they have the tools to pull the globalist ticks out of the body politic of America.

They have the Green light to enact whatever they want in terms of an intelligence overhaul. About effing time. And now they have the support of millions of people, who without the ethical chasm of journalism kniown as CNN, would have gone quietly chewing their cud.

CIA -Strike three you are out of here!

1.WMD-ask Colin Powell how its working out for him!

2.Russian Hack- no evidence no story but it’s all the presstitutes want to talk about.

3. Pee Pee Story- how low can they go and the CIA bought it hook line and sinker.

Bye Bye

“You are Fake News!”

As with the Bannon smear, the Mediots have yet again innoculated the good people of America from real investigative journalism.  So now who will believe them.  CNN will have to spend millions on Mad men to shake the Moniker of Fake news. The shareholders should take Zucker the truth Fucker to task.  In fact why should he still be at the helm of this sinking ship of fools?

Being a proud and unapologetic conspiracy buff, I keep going back to the thought that this is an intentional operation designed to give DJT what he wants.  And lets be real about this, he wants total control, nothing but.  AS long as Bezos, Zucker, Salzaburger, Tapper, Goldberg, Henry and whoever is incharge of NBC, ABC and  CBS continue to reach deep into the stink to derail DJT, the more power they give.  Because in theory the 4th estate is to hold the feet of the powerful to the fire.  Instead they are burning down their own house.  Like Jason Blair, who at least came clean, like Judy Miller, like Olberman and other fakers and liars the reputation of the Media is hanging by a thread.  They have proven Gary Webb, Danny Caselaro, Peter Dale Scott, Alex Jones and even Rush Limbaugh  right in more ways than one.  What the Mediots, the “Democratic” Party and their operatives have given to their enemies, right now its the populists, a golden goose.

But are things a little too good to be true?



Who’s spooked who?



Nothing is easier than leading the people on a leash. I just hold up a dazzling campaign poster and they jump through it. Joseph Goebbels

When on February 28th 1933, the Reichstag building in Berlin was set on fire, Chancellor Adolf Hitler obtained an emergency decree from President Paul von Hindenburg placing restrictions on personal liberty, including freedom of press. Thirteen days later, on march 13, the Ministry For Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda was founded under the direction of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, to control the press as well as all other means of expression-radio, film, art and literature.  It is most appropriate that propaganda in Nazi Germany should have been considered worthy of an entire government department.- Propaganda-The Art of Persuasion:WW2 (1987) p11.

I was given this book by my mother and father for Christmas in 1988.





Now I know the roots of my skepticism, especially when the federal Government gets in the way of free flow of information.  It is more apparent now than ever that the Free flow of Information that personifies the ‘age of information’ we live in is a great big pain in the ass to the powers that be.  Whether it’s the Director of the FBI, the head of the DOJ or the executive branch controlling information on the airwaves, especially on the internet is often more important than policy.   When power, especially the unchecked variety, wants to fight or control something it is generally not with the facts but with bullying, alarmism, ad hominem smears and yes fake news. The 2016 election was proof positive to this point.  Never before had such propaganda, fake news been disseminated  by the government controlled mouth pieces otherwise known 4th estate.  It was a watershed moment of “in your face” bias that over 60 million Americans can not be considered as potential subscribers to the fakery that was their news.  It was operation mockingbird on steroids.    The effect will be long lasting and will create economic distress to the once comfortable outlets.  Even now the CEO and The chief editor for the tabloid New York Times lost their corner offices. The whole building is being converted to a REIT.  Apparently Salzburgers Mea Culpa letter fell on deaf ears.  I guess it’s the never cry wolf syndrome.  One thing that is certain however the trust in once considered venerable  media institutions is at an all time low.  Why? The reasons are known. And the fault is the Clinton Machine.  Both media and Clinton family crime syndicate will never regain the trust of American public again.   Interestingly Even HRC supporters were not happy with the Clinton media camp, but for different reasons proving the cliché: you can make some people happy some of the time but you can never make all people happy all the time.  So what will they, the press do?.

If post election reporting is any clue they will double down as the oppositional press.  Fine and dandy, but will the free market support this approach?  No, no never no more.  Just like the NPR and other failed liberal biased outlets bought and paid for by big democratic donors and candidates,   the only way this will be supported is through direct and indirect governmental subsidy.  Enter the lamest duck president in the history of the free world, BHO and the point of this post.

On Friday before Christmas, BHO gave another gift to the Deep State and its embedded media. Besides signing the yearly renewal of the  Continuity of Government (COG) and of course its visible and very unconstitutional Patriot act he went one step further.  Late on Friday he signed the NDAA.  So what all presidents do that! But true to form according to an article at zerohedge.com, you know the Russian government site! in the NDAA is an act called the “countering Information war fare act 2016.  This according to ZeroHedge is a defacto Ministry of Truth. This provision buried deep in the act, and without the industry of Tyler Durden, would have gone unnoticed, provides the Government money and tools to fight disinformation with the US Federal governments’ own style of disinformation.  Because if there is one state actor in the world that is the most guilty of lying, misusing intelligence and distributing Fake News it is the US Federal Government.  (Think Iraq1, Waco, Ruby Ridge, ERM in OK, WTC1, Kosovo, 911 etc).  So besides a no fly list and a no buy list now there will be a no print list.

The new ministry of Truth will spin whatever it can so the official narrative can be supported, even going as far as providing  sources, cover and funding to the faithful fake news media outlets.  You know the ones. They are the ones who got the 2016 election wrong like NYT, WAPO and the alphabetic echo chambers.  What will often amount to “life support” the cheerleaders of official fake news will do their best to ostracize, minimize, belittle and attack alternative news sites, you the ones…any and all that got the election right!

Prepare to see more popular mechanic style articles sealing the fate on narratives that fit the facts.  What amounts to trying to catch the wind, the governments attempts to interject propaganda to counteract propaganda will undoubtedly create a whirlwind of distrust in the citizens of this country.  We know that truth will and  always is the first casualty of war.  The fact that the Feds acknowledge the war of information almost guarantees deception.

A quick search on other operations of this style will bring up:  the Cointel program, Operation Mockingbird and Operation Gladio. Three strategies  that did not represent the best that America can be.  Chaos, confusion and division, death and destruction , pain and misery and much suffering by the collateral damage that was rationalized by the Federal Provocateurs as necessary to win the infowars of their day.

And of course true to form what we got from the mediots was…silence.  With all the alarmist op-eds about DJT being Adolfs lost child and a closet fascist, not one of the members from the punch and judy show  said a word about this disturbing and yes hidden in plain sight move towards even more  government control of the media.  A government department is more than likely to be created from this jack booted Orwellian push by…put down the drink or food…swallow…The most transparent presidency…the constitutional scholar.

Let me say this, BHO is the worst example of a compromised president, the man will most likely be on anti-depressants for the rest of his life after he finally realizes what a disastrous failure he is.  Even his “wife” secretly despises his weakness in the face of power.  Reminds me of a Dylan phrase:

“Even the president of the United States sometimes has to stand Naked”, and when the kleig lights turn off and he is alone  and basic brainwaves begin to  move in his peanut size brain his whole self will be naked in front of his damaged conscience.

Whereas GWB considered himself the “decider in Chief”, what will be BHO’S moniker?  “Vacillator in Chief”  History will only reflect kindly on him because he is half black and the political correct censors of textbooks and other BS disinformation scribble would not want facts to get in the way of perception.  The worst, or as my kids would say “yuck” and spit it out, such a distasteful waste of 8 years of globalist consolidation. And now he will be playing golf, dining and being protected by the Secret service till his death bed confession.  Can you imagine being an agent on his detail!!!!! Exactly…”yuck”!

The silver lining in this  great turd of a presidency will be watching the house of cards come down on the globalist’s house of cards.

And as far as BHO’s Ministry of Truth goes, time will tell what DJT will do with this now legitimized  Deep State tool.  Will he use it or not?  DJT will most definitely benefit from the executive consolidation of power begun by GWB and accelerated by BHO, but will he like countless presidents before especially the last 3, sanction outright lies to manipulate the masses?

It is my earnest hope that DJT will not become seduced by the intelligence agencies, the Deep State and Defense Contractors that intend on using this hackneyed approach that is patterned after Joseph Goebbels.  So far he has set himself apart from precedent calling out the fake news history of the CIA and it is rumored will not have a Obama-like relationship with the crooked spooks.

If DJT keeps his healthy skepticism of the CIA, DIA, NIA, NSA ETC watch for take down or hit pieces from “unnamed” sources against DJT, to spin the already divisive narrative that the mediots have alarmed half the population with.

Time will tell…



News de Grace-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Come writers and critics

Who prophesize with your pen

And keep your eyes wide

The chance won’t come again

And don’t speak to soon

For the wheel’s still in spin

And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’

For the loser now will be later to win

For the times they are a-changin’



So Bannon worked for Goldman Sachs  in the early  1990’s.  So with all the libel and slander the presstitutes used against this otherwise American success story of epic proportions it’s funny to me that his GS resume has barely been touched (remember Ted Cruz’s wife, it might be the only thing we learned from all the primary challengers wives) As irresponsible and alarmist  as the networks are, the attack on Bannon was an all time low in lost art of journalism. We can take comfort, despite the false reproach, smear attempts gain little for them since they accomplish one of two things. They either solidify the wellspring of public distrust of news media and pundits and/or the American public will more often or not root for the underdog, especially one that has been hit below the belt.  Think Rocky.

The one argument that could actually be bent to fit their objective of hamstringing the transition team by removing the luster of an otherwise golden effort of the Trump’s advisers, would be the logical fallacy of guilt by association.  Its not as if they are opposed to fallacious reasoning to drive home their fake news.  So I wonder,  did they overlook the GS connection innocently or intently?  The GS canard would have gone better for them and the Bernie fans (presumably the ones who actually subscribe to the print media).

With guns blazing, they came for Bannon. The  blatant lies and ad hominem invective they assaulted Bannon with daily, backfired.  By shooting off all their ammunition at a target that should never had been targeted,  their clips were emptied and they had no ammo left for the rest of the cabinet picks.  They essentially vaccinated DJT from   legitimate criticism.   Sleazy attacks, while an effective  rule for radicals and for people trying to get the upper hand,  can quickly be tuned out by a population that seeks entertainment and not libel and slander. Two things Americans will never go for.

Now I am  no industry advertising marketing statistician but if I was I would have advised against such a straw dog move.  There was no net gain for the networks, only loss,  and it gave Trump another major victory in two areas of public perception:

1: He is the outsider bent to fix a legislative system broken by corrupt liars who are incapable of doing anything right.

2: They lost any power to go after the other picks with credibility.  Choices that should have been questioned, like David Freedman, (who was obviously a gift to Sheldon Addleson), Davos for her past support of Common core, Mnchin for his role at GS, Bolton a dyed in the wool neocon etc.

Although the picks at the time were not known, the people running the show in the papers and networks are not virgins in presidential transitions.  It would be obvious to even the most apolitical creature that DJT’s picks were going to be controversial.  So why lead off with an unsubstantiated smear of a most distasteful kind, one which any reader of BB would know in a millisecond that the smear was laughable. And a pick that was entirely up to the President’s discretion. It would be like shooting a yearling knowing there were 20 bucks walking your way.

Did the editors and chiefs of NYTWAPOABCNBCCBSCNN  just not see the consequences?  What about their million dollar hired guns? Surely they would not advise such a course.  Even a 1st year seminary student would know not to bear false witness and a novice campaign manager would know if you are going to attack dirty make sure you can back it up with irrefutable facts.

So why did they do it?

Was the fake news  smear on Bannon intentionally  written and reported on this stupid and easy to unmask by design?  Honestly I am at a loss as to why,  except for this:

Maybe  Someone is either trying to sabotage an already threatened industry and inadvertently aiding Trump or both?


Could it be that the Main Stream Mediots are actually this stupid and crooked?  and if that’s the case what the Hell are they doing running these billion dollar tabloids like  ships of fools.  Don’t they have to do some sort of simple IQ test when they apply for these jobs? We know their integrity is for sale. But if this is true, that they simply were too careless and stupid to process the potential blowback as an existential threat to their already dipping  ad buys and viewers, or at least listen to the people they pay to protect themselves from themselves, why should we trust them to report on weddings, deaths and births truthfully and with mental acuity and acumen let alone events that shape our world. The penguins from Madagascar would run the news industry better.


maybe there is no money left for counsel and the news media paid someone to program an algorithm to filter the news in a prejudicial and distorted manner,  saving a lot of  money by not having a real editor. This would explain the monocrop of lackluster and tasteless word games shoveled by the mediots.

Regardless of the reasons, Trump will be remembered for being  the asteroid to the dinosaur mediots

Those who naturally distrust anything the Mediots say are not really bothered by this one small chapter in the balkanization of the press, but are really impressed with Bannon’s reaction.   Laughter.  And for the rest of us, dirty deeds are not always done dirt cheap.



After reading about the Berlin Truck attack I wrote down these thoughts.

Terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Its use of indiscriminate violence(terror or fear) classifies it as a violent crime

You are more likely to die of a farm machinery accident  then you are from a terrorist violent deeds.

There is no doubt terrorism exists. It is a fundamental tool of asymmetrical warfare. It would surprise many Americans but in light of the definition above the American soldiers and leaders of the revolutionary war were deemed terrorists for example by the Crown. Of course they were fighting for freedom, but their actions were actions of violence to achieve political aims. Hezbollah considers itself an army full of patriotic foot soldiers, Israel for obvious reasons considers them something else.

When a state actor launches a cruise missile at a target in a third world nation killing and maiming civilians as a retaliation, it might be decried as a war crime, but never terrorism. When militants from that same third world shit hole retaliate then its terrorism. Anyway thus the problem of semantics. But to be objective, which in this day and age is nearly impossible on the subject of terror, using this definition above (found on google) the distinction between the two are less defined, less able to be reduced to a sound bite or talking point.

In the wake of any terror attacks I always reserve judgement until I read more about it. Was the perpetrator being handled, were federal agencies involved, was their intelligence on the perpetrator was he at least being watched, did the perp have “known links” to a terror organization? Is there ownership of the event? Were the immense security and surveillance apparatus somehow outsmarted or not working? Was the perp shot and killed or taken alive? Were their conflicting eye witness accounts that do not harmonize with the official narrative of the moment?

A manufactured or staged terror event is an event that would not occur if not for the calculated manipulation by federal agencies in one form or another. A false flag event is a manufactured or staged terror or war event that gives pretext for further action/reaction benefitting the state actor and/or those that advise state actor. The Machiavellian use of this tool of statecraft has its roots firmly planted in History. Whereas False flag motives are more often than not clear as to their objective, staged events can be more vague in their goals. But what is clear is what follows these events. Federal Authority gets stronger, its power broader and its oversight less and its most obvious beneficiaries are always the same: the defense, security and intelligence aparati.

False flags and their siblings, staged terror events can be perpetrated against an individual or family (see Ruby Ridge), A community, ideological group or party (see Waco and the Orlando Shooting, even the Black Power movement) or against countries (see Iraq and Syria). They often take the form of false charges(weapons, threats to others. The lies are insipid and often so egregious and so oft repeated in the 24 hour news cycle that the public, it is often assumed, demands a response. Within minutes or hours an official narrative and talking points are disseminated to all media outlets. That narrative, especially when tragic, becomes an untouchable sacred cow. Anyone who challenges the narrative even in small ways such as asking questions are yelled off the commons.

For those who commit these crimes against humanity the ends somehow benefit the means.

How to tell if an event is staged or manufactured?

Do you need to see the spider to connect it to the web? Or does the mere presence of a web prove the existence of its maker. Can we deduce that it was indeed a spider that manufactured the web? To me at least the question has an obvious answer. Yes.

When I look at the “terror” attacks that were significant in my life, from the first bombing of the WTC to Edward Murrow building in OK to 911 and during the 15 years since I see a similar pattern, like a spider web, on many if not all of these watershed events.

Many people have brought such connections to the fore and they are not the history deprived impressionable journalists from the globalist lame stream media. The last real reporter who made such connections was Gary Webb, who shot himself…twice…in the head. Gary Webb had connected the dots in a scandal that still hasn’t been presented clearly to the American public. For good reason too, at least to the Deep State. What would the population of citizens think if they knew the full implications of elite and shadowy entities in Americas intelligence establishment directly involved in Cocaine shipments into America during the 80’s fueling the crack epidemic as well as illegally furnishing arms School of America trained terrorists who used death squads to destabilize Ortega’s government in Nicaragua all while funneling money to Israel, weapons to Ayatollahs and using unscrupulous arms dealers and unregulated money laundering banks?

Or Danny Caselaro who was found in a bathtub dead in an apparent suicide. Caselaro was investigating, at least in his mind the biggest story of the century, The Octopus, always traveled with his notes and was going to meet a source promising more salacious information for his earth shattering story. Of course all his notes were gone and of course the subsequent investigation proved he killed himself. (think Vince Foster, and the DC park Police). Interestingly the Bush Family and many of their confidants were implicated in the Octopus Conspiracy.


These two true journalists saw a web, connected the dots and had the spider within their sights. These two men are true hero’s to their profession that is sorely missed at least in the opinion of many, by the uninformed populace, or as Rush puts it Low information voters. Now back to the point.


What is the pattern or the web?

1. Conflicting press reports and eye witness accounts describing multiple assailant’s, bombers or shooters are quickly consolidated to lone shooter, lone attacker. (that pattern goes back to the grassy knoll and the Hobo’s and continues in Aurora, Co and Sandy Hook)

2. Initial mystery as to who perpetrated the crime, and then a few days even a few hours later it turns out the now suspect was known to authorities, had known terror ties and were under surveillance. Think Muhammed Atta and his passport conveniently found unscathed on a NY street a few hours after the second attack on 911.

3. The police or intelligence agencies were duped or bungled the operation or were caught unaware. Creating a call for more cooperation between agencies, more surveillance initiative’s that need immediate laws and directives to be passed to “prevent future attacks”

4. In at least most of the “terror” events Active Drills were ongoing during the attack. Think back to the air traffic controller’s question during the 911 attacks “is this part of the Drill?” Think back to the drills that was occurring during the 7/7 attacks in London. Think back to Sandy Hook and the active shooting drill and classes that was happening less than 15 minutes away from the school.

5. It eventually comes out that the perpetrator/s, usually on the dimwitted side of the bell curve, had a FBI handler of some sort, usually in the form of an undercover informant. The informant supplied the weapons, bombs, planning and a degree of sophistication that the attacker would otherwise not have. Think WTC 1, WTC 2, The NJ 6, The xmas, shoe, Boston and underwear bombers and every other domestic terror attack in America (with the exception of Nidal, who committed “workplace violence”)

Think back to the Tsarnev brother the older one, his mother said he was in communication with the FBI. The underwear bomber was helped onto the plane leaving Europe to America by an unidentified man, remember he did not have a passport, could you ever get on an international flight without a passport? When live explosives are used in staged terror attacks the FBI usually says it was an accident, see the 1st bombing of the WTC.

6. The perpetrators actions lead to some sort of court case that follows unusual judicial proceedings. For example State security acts are cited preventing some if not most information about the attack as classified. In terms of James Holmes the use of truth serums, and was basically seen as catatonic. In case of Dylan Roof, he represents himself. Confessions are forced, the defendants actions are bizarre. Whereas most trials that involve notoriety are streamed 24/7 little is heard except non-investigative print media acting as royal scribes of the trials proceedings the articles never threaten any controversy. Controversy that usually hangs over all these cases.

7. Events before during and after the attack call for a suspension of belief. How could that happen? When I have to ask that question the skeptic in me is in full alert mode. (The magic bullet, WTC building 7, Adam Lanza-how does a skinny 90 lb boy carry almost 90 lbs of ammunition and guns etc)

8. Crises actors come out of the woodwork during the live crime scenes, often ablaze with weird behavior that doesn’t match the severity of moment. Most irregular and a major red flag for a staged event is when the same actor/person shows up in two separate events. Even the presstitutes are amused when that happens.

9. The press runs with whatever narrative is popular at the moment and are by and large completely wrong. Take for example The Orlando and sandy hook shooter. Adams mom is a teacher at the school, then she is not, the principle calls becomes a hero, then there was no call, first it was an assault rifle then a pistol, two shooters etc. In the Orlando event the narrative kept changing, first he’s Islamic then he’s gay then he’s a gay islamicist, then he’s just gay again, then his dad is a politico, then its back to radicalization in mosques etc, and now no one knows nor cares because each event is trumped by the next).

10. Often the perpetrator is a child of someone who wields power. Take for example the underwear bomber, the aurora shooter and the Orlando shooter.

11. And especially in the wake of a shooting/stabbing terror attack gun control becomes front and center on all the major lame stream media outlets. Often as in the cases of Sandy Hook, and 911 repressive, legally precarious and unconstitutional laws are shoved through legislatures and congress. Anyone opposing the unconstitutional laws are demonized or given no quarter by the presstitutes. They usually have Orwellian names like “the safe act” or “The Patriot act”.

12. Basically policing techniques miss the clues, lose the person, as in the case of the recent Berlin Truck attack and Sandy Hook, catch or name the wrong person. Mea culpas are thrust into the reporting of the post event, from the same people who have unlimited resources, the authority and power to prevent such attacks. If you add up the on the book budgets for all the intelligence agencies worldwide where such attacks occur you have a member of a top ten economy. Yet the excuses are not enough resources, not enough surveillance, not enough interdepartmental cooperation etc.

13. The perpetrators are often ex military. And their actions confirm the narrative of the day whether its guns, police safety or Islamic terror. If they are not ex-military there are a quiet, nice guy that no one could ever suspect. (Adam Lanza, the MP shooter)

14. Anyone involved whether aware or unaware of the true causes benefit greatly for their silence. The rewards for the silence is position, temporary power and often a new career.

What you have just read constitutes a pattern like a spider web. Even though the toothless presstitutes never report the main culprit behind the web, someone wove the web, and that someone was involved exclusively in the intelligence services.

As for the reasons why, take for example Operation Gladio. Another reason is, on top of the extreme budgets these “services have” and all the experience federal agents have, most intelligence work today, like so much in the defense/intelligence world is outsourced to private firms who specialize in information gathering and black ops. Just like the private prison system, the subcontractors have a profit incentive to keep chaos alive and well in an otherwise predominantly peaceful human interchange that the world generally is. (Only Globalists in the form of Hawks and Neocons want us to think we are surrounded by threats. Most of us would say Israel is a dangerous place to be but it is a beautiful country full of vibrant people the news constantly shows the refugge crises in Europe but my father has traveled to Europe probably 5 times since the refugee crises, he never noticed anything.) Peace and conflict resolution is not the main order of the day, just like reducing crime is counter intuitive for the private prison complex. Budgets and livelihoods are dependent on regular stories of terror cells and terrorists who hate our freedom. I’m sure walnut paneled boardrooms are often the place where these private industries meet with intelligence heads and members of world governments with statistical graphs predicting this or that and they use, as examples, the foiled attempts to slaughter the innocents to justify their services, just like private prisons are built with the calculations of projected drug felons and conspiracy cases.

As with the drug war which has no end in sight, is fueled by eye-popping amounts of drugs transported by nefarious government agencies and their dubious contractors keeping the private prison complex alive and well and banks very much liquid. The war on Terror follows suit. It is never ending, it is global and keeps the defense industry and their sister the security industry in the black with Federal contracts. The love of money tests the mettle of human scruples and in this case money won. What can not be denied especially now in light of the 2016 election is: the government has the ability and the right techniques and MO to disperse lies to us that is you and I. We have been lied to about JFK, The Warren Commission putting its seal of approval on the biggest lie ever. The assassinations of world leaders through out the 60’s and 70’s. We are being lied to about the level of Russia’s involvement in the recent election. We have been lied to about drugs, crime statistics and employment data, lied to about policy’s, about wars and the pretext leading up to them. We have been lied to about gun control and the patriot movement in America. We have been lied to about the reasons for involvement or lack of involvement in world events. We were lied to about Ruby ridge and Waco. We have been lied to about the FBI’s involvement in the first WTC bombing. We have been lied to about where Osama bin laden was, that lie leading to America getting involved in Afghanistan. WE were lied to about Iraq1. We were lied to about WMD’s giving us the Iraq 2.0. We were lied to in the 911 report and the involvement of Saudi Arabia, and WTC7.

Just this small sample of thoroughly debunked government disinformation, should give even the most enthusiastic flag waving  believer in American freedom,  pause. Mideast Israel Palestinians



Are there 55 Billion Reasons for Renzi’s Decision?

Its funny how Renzi and Cameron kind of look alike?  They certainly have by all observation committed major political blunders.  Cameron committed political suicide most likely out of the smug complacency only an echo chamber can induce(similar to HRC on Nov 7th)  But why would Renzi throw himself on the sword. Unlike the Brexit vote,  It had to be plainly obvious to anyone in Italy the No vote would win.  The Brexit referendum was far more difficult to predict and Cameron, like HRC had all the MSM in Britain and US saying it was a slam dunk.  But once bitten twice shy would be the cautionary advice that Renzi should have taken and I am sure it would have been given him solicited or not.

Brexit, Ader’s Referendum and Trumpvember would have been enough to know that at this time in Italy while it houses feeds and protects the thousand’s of guests from Muslim countries, the anti-immigration contingent on top of the popular 5 star party led by TV Comedian Pepe Grillo, would be two powerful fronts to contain with a simple up or down vote.  Cameron could be excused for his lack of good counsel, But Renzi? Ignorance willful or not it simply does not add up. In fact it looks more like plausible deniability, classic statecraft.   So the question is why did he do it? One speculation…

The Hot Potato

1: It  is no secret that Italy’s largest bank teeters on the edge of default.  Its 55 billion in write offs. Given its inevitable  failure, Monte Del Paschi poses major problems to  Deutsche Bank, the Euro and ultimately the EU.  Had Renzi been shown the financials on the wall?  If hehad been shown which of course he had, is Renzi playingvthe Hot Potato?  The banks failure now will not be on his watch.  He will wait on the sidelines (he’s only in his 40’s) and has great potential to come rushing in if and when public sentiment changes after financial collapse of Italy’s financial sector.   If a populist gets in the potato will be in his, and by extension the movements hands.  It will be  Greece 2.0.  Could this also be why Hollande is stepping down under the same premise of  the hot potato game.  So now the elephant in the room, quite literally is Merkel.  Why is she staying on…holy mother of God isn’t 16 years long enough?! Is it her narcissism and its prerequisite legacy?  Her legacy like Obama’s will soon be whittled to a toothpick.  My guess if Fillon or Le Pen wins Merkel will pack her bags and live like a queen.


Or is someone, some player out there who stands to gain the most picking off the smug disingenuous globalists one by one? I wonder who that could be?  Who stands to gain the most with a nationalistic wave of discontent sweeping away the tired hegemony of the US and EU?  Could it be the  first irascible bona fide Nationalist of significance in our era…none other than VP?…Makes me wonder what other western economic powers are next?


Could the New Year be the EU’s last year?

Could the New Year be the EU’s last year?

The no vote, the V day or as Bepe Grillo calls the vaffanculo or  Fuck off  day  was exactly that to the Globalists.  The look on Renzi’s face…priceless. Just a few notches below the HRC’s forlorn expression in her concession spreach and equally as satisying as seeing Chris Matthews and Rachel Madow expressions in the early hours of November 9th.  Is this truely a movement?  I know  the Austrians voted a Globalist in the same day Italy voted a globalist out.  Lets face it Italy is a much bigger fish in the Pond.  Its economy is number 9/10?  And Austria is a banking country, kind of like HRC but slightly bigger. And bankers can side with losers and still win!

January the French vote and German vote follows in October. Hollande, who knew his jig was up, is not running. Surprising since he had so much pep when he started.  If the beleaguered German worker grows a set,  Merkel will be shown the door. That is,  unless she fast-tracked citizenship to her newly arrived Turkish and  Syrian guests.  Merkel and HRC, as all globalists, are cut from the same cloth.

If Nationalists, or even far right candidates like Fillon,  gain control of France and Germany, historians will point to 2017 as a monumental year.

The Heart of the EU would be ripped out.  End of story.

It just feels like a movement now with Italy’s Vote.  Combine this latest news of V day with:

Junes Brexit and Cameron’s demise,

October Hungary’s Ader’s Referendum Triumph (a pure democratic referendum that is),

TRUMPVEMBER 2016  and the death of 3 political dynasties.

December 4th  Ciao Pepe Grillo! Arrividerci Renzi


January French vote??? viva Le Pen

October 2017 feels like a lifetime away but we will know the outcome of the German vote a day after the French elections…

But so much could happen, which makes me think of the Ukraine and the deal it made.

One  can only speculate what the Ukrainian Usurper is thinking, it can’t be good?!

But we should never underestimate the globalists( or those who control them), they are not as dumb and powerless as they look…they could be playing a dangerous long game.  Readers beware!