Are there 55 Billion Reasons for Renzi’s Decision?

Its funny how Renzi and Cameron kind of look alike?  They certainly have by all observation committed major political blunders.  Cameron committed political suicide most likely out of the smug complacency only an echo chamber can induce(similar to HRC on Nov 7th)  But why would Renzi throw himself on the sword. Unlike the Brexit vote,  It had to be plainly obvious to anyone in Italy the No vote would win.  The Brexit referendum was far more difficult to predict and Cameron, like HRC had all the MSM in Britain and US saying it was a slam dunk.  But once bitten twice shy would be the cautionary advice that Renzi should have taken and I am sure it would have been given him solicited or not.

Brexit, Ader’s Referendum and Trumpvember would have been enough to know that at this time in Italy while it houses feeds and protects the thousand’s of guests from Muslim countries, the anti-immigration contingent on top of the popular 5 star party led by TV Comedian Pepe Grillo, would be two powerful fronts to contain with a simple up or down vote.  Cameron could be excused for his lack of good counsel, But Renzi? Ignorance willful or not it simply does not add up. In fact it looks more like plausible deniability, classic statecraft.   So the question is why did he do it? One speculation…

The Hot Potato

1: It  is no secret that Italy’s largest bank teeters on the edge of default.  Its 55 billion in write offs. Given its inevitable  failure, Monte Del Paschi poses major problems to  Deutsche Bank, the Euro and ultimately the EU.  Had Renzi been shown the financials on the wall?  If hehad been shown which of course he had, is Renzi playingvthe Hot Potato?  The banks failure now will not be on his watch.  He will wait on the sidelines (he’s only in his 40’s) and has great potential to come rushing in if and when public sentiment changes after financial collapse of Italy’s financial sector.   If a populist gets in the potato will be in his, and by extension the movements hands.  It will be  Greece 2.0.  Could this also be why Hollande is stepping down under the same premise of  the hot potato game.  So now the elephant in the room, quite literally is Merkel.  Why is she staying on…holy mother of God isn’t 16 years long enough?! Is it her narcissism and its prerequisite legacy?  Her legacy like Obama’s will soon be whittled to a toothpick.  My guess if Fillon or Le Pen wins Merkel will pack her bags and live like a queen.


Or is someone, some player out there who stands to gain the most picking off the smug disingenuous globalists one by one? I wonder who that could be?  Who stands to gain the most with a nationalistic wave of discontent sweeping away the tired hegemony of the US and EU?  Could it be the  first irascible bona fide Nationalist of significance in our era…none other than VP?…Makes me wonder what other western economic powers are next?



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