Could the New Year be the EU’s last year?

Could the New Year be the EU’s last year?

The no vote, the V day or as Bepe Grillo calls the vaffanculo or  Fuck off  day  was exactly that to the Globalists.  The look on Renzi’s face…priceless. Just a few notches below the HRC’s forlorn expression in her concession spreach and equally as satisying as seeing Chris Matthews and Rachel Madow expressions in the early hours of November 9th.  Is this truely a movement?  I know  the Austrians voted a Globalist in the same day Italy voted a globalist out.  Lets face it Italy is a much bigger fish in the Pond.  Its economy is number 9/10?  And Austria is a banking country, kind of like HRC but slightly bigger. And bankers can side with losers and still win!

January the French vote and German vote follows in October. Hollande, who knew his jig was up, is not running. Surprising since he had so much pep when he started.  If the beleaguered German worker grows a set,  Merkel will be shown the door. That is,  unless she fast-tracked citizenship to her newly arrived Turkish and  Syrian guests.  Merkel and HRC, as all globalists, are cut from the same cloth.

If Nationalists, or even far right candidates like Fillon,  gain control of France and Germany, historians will point to 2017 as a monumental year.

The Heart of the EU would be ripped out.  End of story.

It just feels like a movement now with Italy’s Vote.  Combine this latest news of V day with:

Junes Brexit and Cameron’s demise,

October Hungary’s Ader’s Referendum Triumph (a pure democratic referendum that is),

TRUMPVEMBER 2016  and the death of 3 political dynasties.

December 4th  Ciao Pepe Grillo! Arrividerci Renzi


January French vote??? viva Le Pen

October 2017 feels like a lifetime away but we will know the outcome of the German vote a day after the French elections…

But so much could happen, which makes me think of the Ukraine and the deal it made.

One  can only speculate what the Ukrainian Usurper is thinking, it can’t be good?!

But we should never underestimate the globalists( or those who control them), they are not as dumb and powerless as they look…they could be playing a dangerous long game.  Readers beware!


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