If it is Too Good to Be True, then…

This perverted fantasy inspired by  a nevertrumper 4chan, regurgitated by Buzzfeed and given legs by the pinacle of fake news-CNN,  is a perfect example of how far the globalists will go to derail the best thing that ever happened to America, DJT’s election.  I am here right now telling you, the publication and media programing devoted to this wild whopper,  is the best thing to have ever happened.  Why?

The intelligence community will always be circumspect now.  They cried wolf and have been politicized far too long.  Their globalist/corporate masters, otherwise known as the Deep State, have run out the rope just a little too far and now that they have hung themselves there is no going back until a complete enema is performed flushing out the frauds in the DIA, NSA, FBI, CIA, NIA and the other redundant alphabetic departments.

The American people who have  historically been led like sheep to the slaughter might not realize the level to which McCain, Graham, Clinton, CNN and the CIA have fallen, but they know a below the belt hit when they see one.

Trump, Bannon, Priebus, Sessions and the Generals on his Cabinet know what this is about and now they have the tools to pull the globalist ticks out of the body politic of America.

They have the Green light to enact whatever they want in terms of an intelligence overhaul. About effing time. And now they have the support of millions of people, who without the ethical chasm of journalism kniown as CNN, would have gone quietly chewing their cud.

CIA -Strike three you are out of here!

1.WMD-ask Colin Powell how its working out for him!

2.Russian Hack- no evidence no story but it’s all the presstitutes want to talk about.

3. Pee Pee Story- how low can they go and the CIA bought it hook line and sinker.

Bye Bye

“You are Fake News!”

As with the Bannon smear, the Mediots have yet again innoculated the good people of America from real investigative journalism.  So now who will believe them.  CNN will have to spend millions on Mad men to shake the Moniker of Fake news. The shareholders should take Zucker the truth Fucker to task.  In fact why should he still be at the helm of this sinking ship of fools?

Being a proud and unapologetic conspiracy buff, I keep going back to the thought that this is an intentional operation designed to give DJT what he wants.  And lets be real about this, he wants total control, nothing but.  AS long as Bezos, Zucker, Salzaburger, Tapper, Goldberg, Henry and whoever is incharge of NBC, ABC and  CBS continue to reach deep into the stink to derail DJT, the more power they give.  Because in theory the 4th estate is to hold the feet of the powerful to the fire.  Instead they are burning down their own house.  Like Jason Blair, who at least came clean, like Judy Miller, like Olberman and other fakers and liars the reputation of the Media is hanging by a thread.  They have proven Gary Webb, Danny Caselaro, Peter Dale Scott, Alex Jones and even Rush Limbaugh  right in more ways than one.  What the Mediots, the “Democratic” Party and their operatives have given to their enemies, right now its the populists, a golden goose.

But are things a little too good to be true?



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