My name is Peter Connett, I live in the New York’s Southern Tier.  I have been following politics since the mid 80’s. Never before have I  been so concerned with an election outcome. Even though i supported DJT from his very begining and felt strongly he would win, I along with multitudes of Americans,  was greatly relieved when DJT crushed the most corrupt politician in history. Crassus could of learned a thing or two from HRC!

Now with more hope than I have ever felt I wanted to start a blog focused around the lies disseminated by the globalists and the media outlets they control.  With Brexit and DJT the globalists have found their match. But that just steels their resolve to sink the Nationalist movement that is sweeping the political world.

Are the globalists playing a long game?

Are there any major movers influencing the nationalist and populist uprising?

Only time will tell.  But that will not stop me from fully investigating any links to the causations of this phenomenon.

And how will I do it? By following the crap that the media feeds us.  Like a hunter I will observe the scat of my prey in order to track it. Thus the title Media Droppings!

Let there be no mistaking what we are up against.  A literal wall of lies, perpetrated by the media conglomerates.  Global lies, designed by the elite to divide us, to dissuade us to discourage and to conquer us and our will to stand up to the globalist criminal cabal and be truth tellers.

Spoiler alert…we will win!